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Welcome to PENumber!!

Hello Friends,

My name is Michael Anthoni.  I have created the PENumber Products, featured on this site, especially with you in mind.  Why? Because you are a special person.  And I firmly believe You posses very unique energy vibrations capable of attracting the best life has to offer!!

All my PENumber Body Oils, Soaps, Candles & Bracelets are handmade by me and my team personally.

We make custom/hand-poured wax Candles, designer fragrance Body Oils, Soap, and of curse, my famous hand-selected Rondelle Bead Bracelets.

So, order yours today and while you’re at it order a few products for your favorite friends! 

For the latest information about our products, including our empowering spiritual updates, follow us on our:
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If you haven’t already tried PENumber Products do so now.  I’m sure you will enjoy them.

Your Spiritually-Empowered Partner,

Michael Anthoni

“Share your energy with the world!!!”


“PENumber Products  are tools.
  You hold the POWER!

It’s Time To Get Personal!